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Membership Requirements

Membership of The World Tourism Association for Culture & Heritage Incorporated (WTACH) requires approved members to actively support the Codes of Conduct and Ethical Standards as developed by WTACH for WTACH Membership. These Codes of Conduct and Ethical Standards can be found below and are featured on www.WTACH.Org



Internationally, the tourism economic sector is dominated by small to medium enterprises (SMEs) that provide goods, services and experiences to a visiting tourist clientele. Generally, these are supported by visitor centres, signage, museums, cultural centers and/or other forms of exhibits generally operated and funded through dedicated government departments or private/philanthropic entities. 

Cultural Heritage Tourism (CHT)

Cultural Heritage Tourism (CHT) refers to tourism activities that contribute to the ongoing wellbeing of communities by supporting sustainable practices that protect the livelihoods, values, socio-cultural traditions, natural environment and cultural heritage resources of our world’s unique people and societies.

CHT involves partnerships designed to deliver economic and social benefits to tourism businesses and cultural communities. It also offers support for those tourism and related enterprises that aim to secure the ongoing welfare, safety and collective wellbeing of communities involved in tourism. 

CHT Principles

·      Respect local culture, traditions and values. 

·      Involve and empower communities to ensure that ownership and transparent management are maintained.

·      Protect heritage resources and traditions with appropriate and agreed income flows provided to the community as a means of improving socio-economic standards and wellbeing. 

·      Have minimal impacts on the community.

·      Establish partnerships with relevant stakeholders. 

·      Gain recognised standing with relevant authorities.

·      Improve social wellbeing and maintain of human dignity.

·      Include a fair and transparent benefit-sharing mechanism. 

·      Enhance linkages to local and regional economies. 

·      Contribute to natural resource conservation. 

·      Improve the quality of visitor experiences by strengthening meaningful host and guest interactions. 

·      Work towards financial self-sufficiency to improve socio-economic conditions while protecting traditional cultural values, rituals and practices.

The WTACH Ethical standards

Cultural Heritage Tourism (CHT) is becoming increasingly popular, with ‘authentic’ experiences the primary focus of expanding international markets and visitor arrivals. However, it is clear that increasing demand can also have a negative impact on cultural communities unless clear guidelines, regulations and policies are established to manage any potentially harmful actions or activities. The WTACH key ‘Standards of Ethical Conduct’ have been developed to empower cultural communities to manage tourism growth and achieve community aspirations relating to wellbeing including economic, social and environmental development. 

The WTACH Standard of Ethics must be observed and adopted by all WTACH/CHT members. They should also be applied to all CHT initiatives as a performance benchmark.  

WTACH/CHT Ethical Standards Scope

The WTACH/CHT Ethical Standards provides umbrella performance indicators for the coordinated management of tourism and related products offered by all CHT stakeholder businesses, organizations, institutions and communities. Specific product standards adopted by WTACH members and relevant to CHT initiatives form an integral part of the ethical standards designed to improve cultural awareness, while ensuring the ongoing sustainability of cultural practices, traditions and environments.

The intent of the Ethical Standards is to provide direction to communities on the quality of service needed for tourists to experience a consistent level of authenticity, interpretation and quality of service around the world, and that appropriate cultural safeguards are in place to ensure the sustainability of the host community. 

WTACH reserves the right to refuse and/or terminate membership of any organization or business proved to be operating outside the Ethical Standards.


Ethical Standards are Codes of Conduct for WTACH Members covering Cultural Heritage Tourism (CHT). They include but are not limited to:

Travel & Tourism Service Providers, Institutions & Faculties, Government Agencies & Representatives, Cultural Exhibits, Museums & Galleries, Retailers and Non-Government Organisations 

Key principles are:

Commitment to on-going learning and effective communication

§ Actively seek to increase our knowledge of the local culture, heritage and environment, including history, cultural traditions, geography, flora & fauna and cultural/heritage sites, and sustainable tourism principles. 

§ Actively seek to increase our knowledge of and expertise in the area/s of CHT visitor service in which we are involved.  

§ Actively seek to increase our knowledge of: (1) group/visitor management techniques, (2) communication techniques (cultural awareness/communication and verbal and non-verbal communication).

§ Ensure that current and relevant cultural information and interpretation is provided during our interactions with visitors.  

Commitment to natural and cultural heritage protection

§ Respect and contribute to the promotion and preservation/conservation of local cultural and natural environments.

§  Ensure visitors observe WTACH (CHT) Ethical Standards at all times when interacting with cultural communities and/or individuals and the cultural/natural environment in the interests of avoiding negative impacts.

§  Actively encourage and facilitate cultural understanding to create opportunities for tourists to positively contribute to local activities alongside host community members.

§ Demonstrate best practice waste management by collecting and removing any litter and applying ‘avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle’ principles when visiting local communities and/or participating in cultural experiences.

§ Respect cultural laws and principals during all interactions.

§ Ensure all relevant rules, regulations and laws regarding environmental and wildlife protections and/or codes of conduct are followed and adhered to

Commitment to Ethical Practices

§ Be friendly, courteous and honest when dealing with both cultural communities and visitors.

§ Respect the right of all other CHT members by sharing equally in opportunities for their involvement in income-generating activities.

Commitment to on-going learning and effective communication

§ Actively seek to increase our knowledge (both collectively and individually) of, and expertise in, the area/s of CHT visitor service with which we are involved.

§ Actively seek to increase our CHT knowledge of: (1) Individual/group visitor management techniques, (2) Communication techniques (including cultural awareness/communication and verbal and non-verbal communication) (3) Local customs, traditions and principles of cultural communities.

§ Actively seek to increase our knowledge of the local culture and environment including: history, cultural traditions, cultural heritage, secret/sacred sites and practices, geography, flora and fauna and recognized sustainable tourism activities, practices and principles.

§ Ensure that accurate and relevant cultural and environmental information and interpretation is included where required during interactions with visitors.

Commitment to Ethical Principals

§ Be friendly, courteous and honest when dealing with the local cultural communities and visitors. 

§ Demonstrate respect at all times when dealing with local cultural communities and/or individuals.

§ Demonstrate pride in representing your organization as a role model for other WTACH community members. 

§ Respect the right of all other CHT members and share equally in opportunities for their involvement in income-generating activities.

§ Respect the hierarchy and power structures of the host community.

§ Ensure that income is equitably distributed among community members where possible.

Commitment to Visitor Care and Safety

§ Adhere to all WTACH CHT policies and codes of conduct regarding the safety and security of local people and visitors. 

§ Carry relevant identification at all times when interacting with cultural communities and/or visitors. 

§ Ensure reliable communications facilities are in place for use in emergency situations. 

WTACH/CHT - Guide Code of Conduct

Conform to the WTACH/CHT Members’ Code of Conduct by: 

§ Committing to ongoing learning and improving communication skills, particularly in the area of interpretive guiding.

§ Adopting ethical and visitor friendly practices by taking pride in representation of your community or the community of which you are a guest.

§ Contributing to the protection and preservation of your community’s, or your host community’s, natural and cultural assets and traditions by providing cultural and natural environment. awareness, interpretation and educational activities for both visitors and the host community. 

§ Following all CHT-approved policies and codes of conduct regarding visitor safety and security. 

§ Providing a quality service and conforming to any standards developed by WTACH/CHT for the purposes of improving the quality of guiding services. 

Commitment to ensuring the quality of tours and visitor activities

Guide code of conduct and visitor briefing

§  We will ensure tours/activities with which we are associated are authentic, enjoyable, educational, participatory, organised, relevant and thematic.

§  We will inform visitors of the tour/activity itinerary, level of difficulty and possible hazards and safety precautions of the activity.

§  We will inform visitors of regulations or rules that apply to their conduct on the tour. 

§  We will ensure tours/activities with which we are associated respect and contribute to the promotion and preservation/conservation of local culture and the environment. 

§  To minimize negative impacts, we will make necessary efforts to ensure that visitors, at all times, observe CHT-approved guidelines for interacting with the cultural community and/or individuals and natural environment respecting all cultural traditions, principles and beliefs  

§  We will ensure tours/activities with which we are associated: 

-   Include relevant cultural information in the interpretation of the community and itssurroundings.

-   Provide cultural and natural environment awareness-raising, interpretation and education for visitors and the host community.

-   Actively facilitate cross-cultural understanding and opportunities for tourists to contribute to local activities alongside host community members where appropriate and/or encouraged.

-   Demonstrate practical waste management including the application of ‘avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle’ principles.

§ We will conclude all tour/activity with an expression of gratitude, honour and respect for the host community.


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WTACH Events Terms and Conditions

Registration for WTACH Events

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Registration Process & Payment

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