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Membership of WTACH will help build a stronger, more resilient Cultural Heritage Tourism (CHT) industry by observing responsible and sustainable practices that deliver excellence in the visitor experience through the preservations of cultural values and traditions. 

In doing so WTACH members will set the global standard for the delivery of excellence by following recommendations and ethical codes of conduct designed to minimize any negative impact on cultural communities and/or experiences.

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We look forward to you being a part of our journey...

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Benefits of Membership


Primary Member Benefits

Your membership helps WTACH to build a stronger and more resilient industry focused upon the responsible and sustainable development of tourism practices, policies and ethical standards as they relate to Cultural Heritage Tourism (CHT).

Your contribution provides the means for WTACH to pursue and develop plans, goals and agendas designed to protect the world’s unique cultures and associated heritage, arts, science, traditional practices and beliefs for the betterment of all mankind and for generations to come. 



  • The right to use the WTACH logo on your marketing collateral & website.

  • Free posting of your relevant news and press releases on

  • Receive WTACH endorsement for your publications and events.

  • Speaking opportunities where appropriate at WTACH and WTACH endorsed events.

  • Priority sponsorship opportunities at WTACH events and in WTACH publications.

  • Advertise your CHT events and Exhibitions on WTACH website.



  • Direct networking with key stakeholders and (CHT) related organisations and businesses represented at WTACH events.

  • Access to a global network of public & private sector members from the Tourism Industry, Government, Academia and associated NGOs.

  • Enjoy preferential rates for WTACH events.

  • Enjoy preferential rates for associated organisations’ events and publications (where applicable).


Insights & Reports

  • Gain valuable insights that will help your organisation to better plan and prepare for tourism growth in the CHT sector.

  • Access to WTACH Consultancy Team *  

    * For more information, please email:


  Press Releases and News Updates

  • Receive weekly updates and links to important (CHT) developments and/or current trends.

  • Receive latest News and on industry developments.

  • Receive and/or contribute to special member destination or corporate member updates.

  • Press Releases. Keep abreast of critical developments that impact or affect WTACH member operations or objectives.


Membership Categories & Fees

Code - CHT1 Code - CHT2 Code - CHT3
USD $750 USD $500 USD $250
National Tourism Office - 1
(Population above 10m)
National Tourism Office - 2
(Population 5-10m)
National Tourism Office - 3
(Population less than 5m)
Airline State/Provincial Tourism Office Museum
Airport City Tourism Office Art Gallery
Cruise Company Media Group Universities
Other Govt. Ministries Corporation/Group Company Colleges
NGO Schools
Not for Profit Individuals
Media Corporation