Podcast Part 2 of 2

Podcast Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of the Low Season Traveller Podcast, is it too late?

1.8 Billion Tourists a year and we are the only organisation on the planet looking to protect the future of Culture & Heritage, its astounding!!!!

Trying to identify the reasons to be optimistic as we discuss the merits and failings of tourism growth in terms of Seasonality, Tourism Diversification, the impacts of the Cruise industry and protecting our heritage for future generations in a sustainable way.

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Podcast Part 1 of 2

Podcast Part 1 of 2

Part 1 of a Podcast with Chris Flynn CEO of WTACH and Low Season Traveller CEO Ged Brown

Learn how Chris’s journey in Tourism has led to the birth of WTACH and his mission to protect Culture & Heritage and how the foresight of our ancestors who built the great British Cathedrals can teach us a valuable lesson today.

The architects who future proofed their designs knowing that the project would not be completed until 200 years after their death and the foresters who planted oak trees that would be ready when the roof beams would need to be replaced hundreds of years later!

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Radio interview with CEO Chris Flynn on the IMPACT of Overtourism with Veronica Matheson

The consequences of our actions are always left for someone else to deal with, we need to look at the long term ramifications of our actions, look at todays campaigns highlighting the dangers of plastics in the ocean, the first report warning of this was in 1966!

Learn more about WTACH and its aims in this 10 minute interview with Veronica, click on the Travel Writers logo to be redirected to the interview. (Opens in new window).

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WTACH making headlines around the world, highlighting the important issue of overtourism…

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Inside Tourism, 6th September 2018


Inside Tourism, August 30th 2018