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Overtourism is an almost invisible scenario that usually becomes apparent only when its effects have already taken hold and the impact is being felt by tourists, residents and the destination’s infrastructure. However, managing the effects of overtourism successfully or putting in place plans and strategies that effectively negate the problem are rarely understood and almost never successful.

Identifying the key elements that result in overtourism and how to prevent or manage its effects will be the key theme of WTACH GS20. 

With an unprecedented line up of global experts from tourism and other associated sectors, WTACH GS20 will raise the level of discussion and debate to explore and deliver practical outcomes in support of destinations seeking to take a leadership position in managing the effects of 'overtourism'.

We would therefore, like to invite leaders of industry and Government seeking to make a positive difference to register their interest in attending this critical event.

To register your interest prior to the official launch of WTACH GS20 please email your details to: