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Chi Lo

Chi Lo is a strategic visionary with over 10 years of experience leading sustainability programmes spanning several continents. She is recognised as an expert in sustainable tourism with a knack for relationship management, communications and content development, project design and implementation.

Before starting her own sustainability consultancy specialising in sustainability coaching and content development, she managed the Sustainability & Social Responsibility programme at the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) where she was responsible for mapping and executing PATA’s sustainability strategy, nurturing global sustainability relationships, and establishing PATA’s position as a sustainability-minded global organisation. Prior to joining PATA, Chi has worked for organisations including the Uganda Community Tourism Association (UCOTA) under the USAID-STAR project, the Women’s Media Centre of Cambodia, the Center for Responsible Travel, and the Africa Travel Association. 

Chi is currently a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Executive Committee and Board. 

Chi was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Vancouver, Canada, and is currently based in Seattle, USA with her husband, two dogs, and two young children from whom she has borrowed the Earth.