The National Museum of Brazil A Tragedy for Humanity itself...

I woke this morning to devastating newsof the inferno that ripped through Brazils National Museum yesterday. I was stunned momentarily as the magnitude of this tragedy sunk in. How could this have happened? What has been lost?

My thoughts drift immediately into a world of pain, as I began to digest what has really happened here and what this actually means for all of us. It’s not just the loss of those magnificent, irreplaceable remnants of world history that were on display. Far from it. The real loss are the millions of artefacts hidden away in boxes, drawers, cupboards and corridors beneath the public exhibition areas in the innards of the building itself. Glimpses of history that had yet to be analysed, catalogued and shared with the world. Secrets as yet to be discovered that could tell us who we truly are. Where we came from, Where we’ve been and what we learned along the way. But not now…now we may never know. 


If initial reports prove accurate it seems this was probably preventable. But let’s not go there right now. Now is a time to mourn our loss, as we do a close friend. Of course time may ease our anguish but not before the pain and anger has had time to soften and our tears have finally dried.  

The story reads like the botched crime scene with all evidence destroyed. But in this case what was lost were the fingerprints of humanity itself. Glimpses of how the world once was. Maybe the true mysteries of the origins of man. But it’s all gone now. All gone…. 

I can’t imagine the hurt and disbelief being felt by those who held these treasures in their hands. Those who’s passion it was to unearth the timeless secrets that lay hidden in these treasures and bring them to life for all of use to enjoy and learn from. For them, today must be black with no possibility of light on the horizon.

I send my condolences to those who’s world is now in tatters. To the people of Brazil and to humanity itself. Because what just happened was an extinction. The destruction of our past. A past we will sadly never be able to learn from or share with generations to come.

Chris Flynn